July 1-21, 2019

Number of participants


Age restriction

Over 16 years old




As a result of cooperation with the tourism specialists of the Department of Service of the Faculty of Geography and Geology of the Yerevan State University, a decision was made to create a platform called TravelGuide within the EPIC project.

TravelGuide is an EPIC project educational tourism platform. The course differs from other similar courses by its non-academic nature. Without being limited to lectures only, students will have the opportunity to participate in active seminars, discussions, thematic excursions, conduct group work, create their own tour packages and present their own works. This course could provide additional knowledge and tools to develop further scientific and research work.

Main objectives of the course are:

  • To promote the development of tourism as one of the most profitable branches of the economy,
  • To exchange experiences at the international level,
  • To establish student-postgraduate-scientist triparty links.

We are waiting for students from different countries interested in tourism development. The course will enable tourism specialists to discover and develop new and different tourist destinations, which will become a visiting card for many tourists.

Scientific Leadership

Gor Alexanyan

Associate Professor,

PhD in Geographical Sciences at the Yerevan State University in 2013


Phone: + 37460-710-454

The Main Program

  • The aim of the TravelGuide platform is to bring together in one place students and professionals who are interested in tourism. The main program of study consists of lectures on tourism in a global sense and stable tourism as a modern tourist destination. Research work will be carried out to analyze and discover the tourist potential of any tourist destination in Armenia. At the end students will create their own tour packages based on acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Trainers and Speakers

Gor Alexanyan

PhD in Geographical Sciences

Sargis Aghayan

PhD in Biological Sciences