July 1-21, 2019

Number of participants


Age restriction

Over 16 years old




As a result of the cooperation with the Writers' Union of Armenia, the State Institute of Language after G.Acharyan, the Armenian Virtual University-an initiative of the All-Armenian Charitable Foundation, the Educational Charity Fund "Armenian Knight" and other institutions engaged in pro-Armenian activities, the EPIC project decided to establish a platform called Armenia ..

The unique course “Armenia” will be available from the summer of 2019 only in the framework of the EPIC project. Unlike other courses, Armenology will not be merely academic, but interactive and will not be limited to lectures in classrooms. During the course, a number of modern didactic materials will be used, active discussions, seminars, thematic excursions, workshops, scientific research , games and other events will be organized which will facilitate the learning of the material. By choosing this training platform, participants will be able to:

  • Get a holistic view of the Armenology, as a special scientific discipline and studying Armenia’s historical, cultural, archaeological and ethnographic aspects;
  • Establish links with students, graduates and scientists from around the world;
  • Carry out scientific research work, as a result of which, on the basis of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, an Armenology map will be developed and collections of works dedicated to Armenia will be compiled.

We are waiting for students of Armenian studies, young people from Armenian communities from all over the world - both those who already have certain knowledge in the field of Armenology, and those who would like to get knowledge from the source. We invite Armenians by nationality (citizens of the Republic of Armenia and representatives of the Armenian Diaspora) and people of other nationalities who are interested in Armenia and the Armenian ethnos.

Scientific Leadership

Arsen Bobokhyan

PhD, Historical Sciences (2000),

Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia,

Tel: + 37493-77-15-62
E-mail Address:

The Main Program

  • The purpose of the platform is to gather students, graduates and scientists interested in studying the Armenian world and Armenology in order that they can better know Armenia and the Armenian people. The course consists of theoretical lectures, seminars, discussions, practical classes, thematic excursions to the historical and archaeological sights of Armenia.

    In addition, students will work on three projects.

    Project 1. Teaching and educational guide "Armenia through my eyes". This work will become a visiting card for tourists arriving in Armenia. It will contain information on the following topics:

    • General information. The territory of Armenia and its neighbors, the population of Armenia and its customs, religion, features of development, the national currency, language features, etc.
    • Geography and climate. For example, the greatest amount of precipitation in Armenia falls in the spring months and in part in the autumn - therefore, in case of visiting the country at this time, it is recommended to bring an umbrella, a hat and appropriate clothes, etc.
    • Tourist information. Tourist attractions and the most interesting sights that must be visited in order to get an idea about Armenia and its culture.
    • Tips and opinions. This section may contain applications for mobile phones and other information and tips that may be useful during your holiday in Armenia.

    Project 2. Textbook of Armenian language for tourists. It will include the Armenian alphabet, a student-developed dictionary of the most commonly used words and expressions with their translation and a list of words that are similar to their native language. For example, մամա-mom-mom-mami, etc.

    Project 3. Armenological map. It will be a geographic map with textual description. The map will include the main countries  where you can study Armenology, as well as the largest and most influential Armenian communities.

Trainers and Speakers

Arsen Vardanyan

PhD, Philology

Hilda Galfayan-Panosyan

Poet, PhD in Psychology

Arsen Bobokhyan

PhD in Historical Sciences

Edgar Hovhannisyan

Dean of faculty of History and Law, PHD, associate professor, ASPU