July 1-21, 2019

Number of participants


Age restriction

Over 16 years old




As a result of cooperation with the President of the International Festival of Performing Arts HIGH FEST, the EPIC project decided to establish the PerfomingArts platform. Two-week seminars and trainings together with an international team of professional art critics will help to identify social problems in this sphere and open up opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation with other areas. The program is intended for beginners in art critics and for those who are in the process of developing their skills and need professional help.

Scientific Leadership

Arthur Ghukasyan

President of the International Festival of Performing Arts “HIGH FEST”

In 2014 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Armenia.

Mob.: (+374 91) 42 18 22


The Main Program

  • The training will focus on the following topics: development cycle of an idea - from concept  into project, team building, project management, strategic planning of communication, marketing and partnership, among others.

    The training course will include:

    • Brand building;
    • Scenic speech and posture development;
    • Group work on temporal perspective planning using the chronological principle from the past to the future;
    • What can you offer (brand) ?!
    • Partnership and cooperation at the national and international levels;
    • Financing;
    • Opportunities;
    • Discussion;
    • Long-term planning.

Trainers and Speakers

Alexandr Harvey

Member of the Art University / Chicago / The New York Theater

Colak Mlke Galstyan

Producer, choreographer, Art Manager

Vahan Badalyan

Director, Honored Artist of Armenia


Arthur Ghukasyan

Honored Artist of Armenia

Shoghakat Mlke Galstyan

Art manager, actress-dancer