July 1-21, 2019

Number of participants


Age restriction

Over 16 years old


+37477 97 51 56


Choosing this platform, the participants will be able to:

  • Discover astronomy as an interdisciplinary science,
  • Attend thematic excursions and gain further knowledge,
  • Establish networking between students, postgraduates and scientists,
  • Carry out individual and group thematic projects.

Students will have at least three lectures per day. It is planned to hold seminars, film watching and conduct  fascinating projects. What is special to our seminars is that it allows to combine the learning process with informal communication, which allows not only to exchange knowledge effectively, but also to develop joint programs.

We are waiting for students specialized in physics, astronomy or having a master's or graduate degree, or just people interested in the secrets of the Earth, seeking to know what is happening inside the Earth, on its surface and beyond.

Scientific Leadership

Areg Mikayelyan

PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences,

Director of the Armenian Astronomical Society (AAO)

Leading scientist, head of the research group and deputy director of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)

Director of  the Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO)


Mob.: +37491 195901

The Main Program

  • We will not train only astronomers! Our goal is to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the processes taking place inside the Earth, on its surface and beyond. Within two weeks, the participants will be introduced with telescopes, geological hammers, maps, binoculars and learn how to use them. In Western terminology, this discipline is called Earth and Planetary Science.

Trainers and Speakers

Areg Mikaelian

 (BAO, Armenia)  

Garik Israelian

Doctor of Physico-mathematical Sciences, astrophysicist

Alain Sarkissian

(LATMOS, France)                                         

Elena Nikoghossian

Research associate, Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO)


Vahe Gurzadyan

Doctor of Physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor