July 1-21, 2019

Number of participants


Age restriction

Over 16 years old




The EcoOn platform will consist of sessions on the following topics:

  1. Environmental challenges and solutions to them;
  2. Biodiversity and its conservation;
  3. Application of GIS in research on biodiversity and its conservation.

Within the framework of the first session, the well-known lecturers will present to the students general ideas and themes of environmental challenges. The participants will have round table discussions on main environmental challenges. Sessions 2 and 3 consist of theoretical and practical parts. During field visits the students will be taught biodiversity analysis methods, and at the end of each session student groups will be presented with the results of their observations on the pre-set topics. During the 3rd session, students will learn the key functions of GIS technologies and their application in biodiversity research and conservation, and apply the acquired skills to analyze their own data during the practical part of the seminar. Nowadays scientific works become much more valuable when they are accompanied by research using GIS and statistical data, correctly drawn charts and significance factors: that's why here you will get very important knowledge and skills for processing your data and analyses. Students who use geospatial data for their diploma, thesis, or other research, will have an excellent opportunity to analyze all this with leading experts.

The EcoOn training platform will be available only in the framework of the EPIC Summer School project from August 1 to 14, 2019.

We are not activists of the green movement and we use exclusively scientific research in the field of ecology.

By joining EcoOn, participants will be able to:

  • Get a holistic view of the environment as an interdisciplinary science,
  • Connect with students, graduates and scientists from around the world, becoming carriers of the unique idea of ​​a "green planet"
  • Participate in research and experimental projects,
  • Share experiences with other EPIC Summer School participants,
  • Form a new youth community of environmental scientists,
  • Get a reliable and realistic view of the current state of the "green science".

We are waiting future ecologists to join us, who study at the equivalent faculties of various universities in the world, those working in the field of ecology, engaged in environmental activities, as well as all young people interested in nature and environment. The knowledge gained during the course will serve as a basis for future scientific work.

Scientific Leadership

Marine Arakelyan

Doctor of Natural Sciences,

Chair of the Faculty of Zoology at the Yerevan State University


Mob.: +37491 195479

The Main Program

  • As a result of cooperation with the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia and a number of international and local environmental organizations, the EPIC project decided to establish a platform that will create a community of young ecologists and unite not only ethnic Armenians but also numerous foreign students interested in ecology, environmental science or other related specialties, who also have certain knowledge both at amateur and professional levels. The program consists of theoretical (lectures, seminars, discussions, etc.) and practical (extracurricular thematic excursions, research and experimental work) parts. In addition to the above sections, it is planned to conduct scientific and creative work on three projects:

    Project 1 - Mapping on pollution (water, aquatic environment).A geographic map with text descriptions will be developed. The development of the map will use the latest technologies, applications and programs. This will allow the user to find out which country is the most "green", in which countries there are environmental problems and if these problems entail serious threats and challenges. In the end, methods and priorities for solutions will be proposed.

    Project 2 - Mapping on "The Biodiversity of Armenia". With the help of GIS, students will map the flora and fauna of a particular territory of Armenia, identify the most interesting natural places and protected natural areas of the country.

    Project 3 - Eco-Tour Package. During the scientific excursions, students will have the opportunity to develop their own eco-tour packages for Armenia and will subsequently apply these skills in their respective countries. The package will include the most important observation points for birds and other objects that are attractive from a natural point of view. The excursion will also include the monitoring of endemic species of plants and animals, as well as species included in the Red Book of Armenia.

Trainers and Speakers

Marine Arakelyan

Doctor of Natural Science

Sargis Aghayan

PhD in Biological Sciences