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EPIC is an international education project, which is organized every summer on July 1-21 in Armenia.

The premise of the project, which is the challenges in creation of interdisciplinary and ideological relationships and bonds between cultures, societies, technologies and young generation, is not only experienced in Armenia, but also in the whole world. Launched in Armenia and later involving the whole world, EPIC aims to establish universal goals in education, science, culture and their perspective development spheres.

Summer school is a platform where students and schoolchildren get a chance to take educational courses by concise teaching plans and methods. In some cases, such educational courses are accompanied by leisure activities. Various summer school programs are being organized all over the world both on academic and non-academic subjects. Summer schools were founded and developed in previous century. They have already become an inseparable part of European and American educational and cultural system. Most of the summer school programs are being held during summer holidays, but there are also winter and spring schools held in a similar way.


EPIC is a summer school with a unique format both in Armenia and in the region, which is a combination of different types of European and American summer school/camps and other similar projects at one place. EPIC gives students an opportunity to choose from the preferable subjects and courses from the offered list. Participating in the project, students get a rare chance to communicate with students from different countries, as well as with different specialists thus contributing to their personal and professional growth.

EPIC- is an abbreviation which includes four very important and meaningful words for our project.

EPIC - Educate, Play, Inspire, Create

Why educate, play, inspire and create?

You will get a high-quality education in EPIC with the help of leading specialists by improving your knowledge in the preferred fields of interest exploring new spheres of understanding.

You will play various interesting games that will train both your mind and body.

You will be energetic and creative at EPIC, inspired by successful people and inspire each other.

New emotions, knowledge and huge flow of energy that we you get at EPIC will be used for new creations. The final result of each educational platform will be student’s own project /s/ which might be developed into future scientific work.

Mission and goals

The mission of EPIC is to introduce Armenia not only from cultural-historical perspective, but also show that the country has a potential to become a great educational center, where a platform is created for the interaction of representatives of different nations, cultures and worldviews, where students from all over the world come together to deepen their knowledge in various fields.

Given the growing role of education in the world and the relevance of the teaching methods, the organizers pursue the following objectives:

  • make education and various teaching methods more accessible for students,
  • promote professional growth of students,
  • create student platform for their consolidation and exchange of experience,
  • give a unique chance to students to meet well-known people,
  • to enable talented young people to present their ideas and develop them into projects,
  • create an opportunity for young people to combine education with leisure.

Features of the project

The EPIC project is favorably different from other similar projects, since its format is unique not only for Armenia, but for the whole region. Most importantly, EPIC gives great importance to personal preferences and interests of students: this allows students to choose their own training courses. While filling out the application form, all potential participants of the Summer School can choose professional fields, themes, master classes, sport and, finally, a genre of art they are interested in. In addition to educational and professional programs, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in pre-organized sports competitions, entertainment activities, various cultural events and excursions which will let the participants know more about Armenia. Together with you we will create a unique EPIC environment which brings together numerous students from around the world. This will create a platform where students can interact, exchange cultural values and share their worldviews and life experience with others. Moreover, it will also be a great opportunity for students from different parts of the world to present their unique projects and tell each other about their achievements.


Why to Participate in EPIC project?

The answer is obvious: it is impossible not to. EPIC is an unprecedented project, which simply can not be missed. Each of us has dreamt about such a project which will fill our life with various awesome events and will be a new source of inspiration for us.

We will create a new world at EPIC, full of immense knowledge, favorite hobbies, new friends and various events. EPIC is that lovely place where you want to go back again and again, as it gives you a chance to fulfill your dreams, acquire knowledge in desired fields and gain friends from different angles of the world.

What will you achieve from EPIC?

EPIC will make your summer unforgettable and will give new colors to your life through new emotions, new acquaintances, new friends, possibilities to discover new things, unforgettable leisure, interesting events, freedom and not only. Being a part of EPIC, you will get high quality education by leading specialists, will have a chance to participate in various cultural and sports events, meet worldwide speakers and discover a country called Armenia which has a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Armenia's population is 3.3 million, the largest city and the capital is Yerevan (1.5 million inhabitants). The territory of modern Armenia is 29.8 thousand square kilometers situated in the north-east of the Armenian Highland. Armenian relief is predominantly mountainous. Nearly 90 percent of the country is at an altitude of 1,000 to 3,000m above sea level. The highest point of modern Armenia is Mount Aragats - 4090m. The river network of the country is dense, especially in mountainous areas, however, it consists of mainly mountain rivers with no navigation. There are several high mountain lakes in Armenia. The largest one is Lake Sevan. Armenia is an ancient country. It is represented on many maps, including the Babylonian clay map (the oldest map), as a powerful state. In Armenia, one can still see traces of the old civilization, for example, the fortress of the powerful state of Urartu-Erebuni, from where today's Yerevan originates. Yerevan has a 2800-year history. Interesting information about Metsamor, where even 5,000 years ago a metallurgical center and an observatory were functioning. Another famous place is the 7500-year-old Karahunj observatory, located in the south and dedicated to the main pagan god. Not far from here you can see thousands of petroglyphs hidden in the mountains, made from the 6th to the 2nd millennium BC.

Summer in Armenia

The climate in the Ararat valley is dry, continental, with hot summers and with cold winters. Spring, summer and autumn are the most popular seasons for tourists. At this time, many events and festivals are held, the cities come to life, the streets are filled with colors, the atmosphere is festive in the air. One of the most popular holidays is "Vardavar" - by tradition people pour water on each other and it is believed that in this way a person is cleansed of diseases.

What to see in Armenia

The capital of Armenia and its largest city is Yerevan  is a great place to start acquaintance with the country. At the city center is licated the Republic Square with singing fountains, the Cascade with its museum of modern art and many original sculptures. Every Friday evening in the Cascade you can hear live concerts of jazz music. It is also worth visiting Vernissage, a fair of souvenirs and works of art in the open air. It is open on weekends. We recommend a walk along the ultra-modern Northern Avenue and the cozy Ring Boulevard, which are famous for their cafes.

Lake Sevan , which is located 66 km northeast of Yerevan, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Armenia in the summer, both for locals and tourists. The lake is located at an altitude of 1900 m and is considered one of the largest high-mountain lakes in the world. Sometimes it seems that this is a real mountain sea. Thanks to the beauty of its azure waters, Sevan is also called "the pearl of Armenia". On the lake you can ride a yacht or catamaran, taste delicious fish or just relax and enjoy the amazing scenery. Sevan is famous for its endemic species of "Ishkhan" trout:  here a wonderful shish kebab is prepared, which is served in local restaurants.

Byurakan Astronomical Observatory  was founded in 1946 on the initiative of academician Viktor Ambartsumian, who became its first director. It is located on the picturesque southern slope of the highest mountain of Armenia – mount Aragats. There are five telescopes installed in the observatory, including a 2.5-meter-long Cassegrain telescope and a 1 meter long Schmidt telescope.

The monastery of Noravank  was built in the 13th century near the gorge of the Arpa River with its picturesque red rocks. It is a real treasure of Armenian religious architecture. Here you can see graceful bas-reliefs and khachkars (cross-stones), made by the famous master Momik. The two-story Church Surb Astvatsatsin is unique: in the chapel, on its second floor, you can only get up on the narrow outer cantilevered staircases; above the entrance to the first floor. The complex also includes the Church of St. Stephen the First Martyr and the ruins of the Church of St. John the Baptist. In the 13th and 14th centuries the monastery was the residence of the bishop of Syunik province, one of the largest religious, cultural and educational centers of Armenia.

Tatev monastery  was one of the most important centers of religion, culture and science of medieval Armenia: you can get there by using the Tatev Wings cable car. It is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest reversible ropeway in the world (5,752 m). The monastery was founded in 839. According to legend, when the architect built the monastery, in prayer he asked the Holy Spirit to give him wings to fly. That is why the monastery is called Tatev, which is translated from Armenian, as "give wings." The monastic complex includes temples of the  Holy Theotokos, the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, as well as the church of St. Gregory. The monastery is located on a rocky plateau, from where dizzying views of the gorge of the Vorotan River open.

In the Kotayk region of Armenia, near the village of Garni , the Garni Gorge is located. The gorge is famous for its unique basalt pillars, which appeared due to the action of volcanic lava. As a result of these geological processes, a stunning symmetrical natural monument arose, also called "Symphony of Stones" or "Basalt Organ". Indeed, if you look at the gorge from afar, many rocks seem like a giant organ.

How to get to Armenia

Travel to Armenia by Airplane

Armenia has a new and today one of the best and most modern international airports in the region. The main airport of Zvartnots is located 12 km from the capital of Armenia.


Paris Mineralnye vody Kiev Voronezh
Vienna Ekatirinburg Tbilisi Tehran
Athens Saint-Petersburg Aktau Moscow
Barcelona Kransnodar Beirut Dubai
Minsk Sharjah Doha TelAviv
Sochi Warsaw Samara  
Istanbul Rostov Novosibirsk  


Air France Air Company Scat UTAIR Air Arabia Mahanair
Austrian Airlines Atlasjet Middle East Airlines Asseman Airline
Armenia Air Company Siberia airlines Lot Polish Airlines Ural Airlines
Aeroflot Russian Airlines Vim Avia Aegean Airlines Qatar Airlines
Ukraine Airlines Flydubai Belavia  

Travel to Armenia by Train

Trains going to Armenia are from Georgia only. There are two passenger trains available: Tbilisi-Yerevan for round year (duration is about 10 hours) and Batumi Yerevan for summer season (duration is about 15 hours).Ticket prices are quite reasonable: starting from some USD 25-30. Train conditions and service do not meet European standards, but are pretty acceptable for easy going travelers. The trains are clean and secure.The one, who decides to go to Georgia first, can easily travel to Armenia by train.

Travel to Armenia by Car

It is quite easy to travel to Armenia by car. There are two international entry roads to Armenia: one from Georgia and one from Iran. If you don't have your own car, you can rent one or take a car with a  driver to travel to Armenia. Border procedures are not heavy in Armenia, so you can easily enter Armenia on your own car or a rented one.

Travel to Armenia by Bus

Every day many big tour buses travel to Armenia from both Georgia and Iran. Most of these buses belong to or are managed by travel companies. They provide organized tours, transportation and other services for tourists visiting Caucasus, including Armenia. The mini bus departure/arrival points are the city bus stations. The tickets are not expensive: from Tbilisi about USD 20-35 one way. Regular bus service is functioning between Iran and Armenia. These modern buses start the journey from Tehran or Tabriz. The ticket price is about USD 50-60. Tickets are available in Iranian travel agencies.

Visa & More

Citizens of U.S.A, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, U.A.E and most of the E.U countries are not required an entry visa to Armenia.
The citizens of the following countries can obtain a visa only with an official invitation. The citizens of the rest of the counties can obtain visa online -, at Armenian embassies abroad, or upon arrival at "Zvartnots” International Airport or other border-control points. Tourist visa for 21 days is issued upon submission of visa application form, photography, original passport with validity period of minimum 4 months and visa fee of AMD 3000 (approx. USD 7). For further details, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia ( Processing of visa in foreign countries through Armenian embassy usually takes 7 business days. Processing visa upon arrival to Armenia usually takes 15 minutes.

Customs regulations

It is forbidden to import narcotics and firearms (with the exception of hunting equipment, falling under separate regulation). A special authorization is required for import and export of antiques, gems and art work. Import of currency is unlimited. However, export of currency worth of USD 10 000 or more is subject to additional documentation. It is permitted to import without customs duty: goods and items for personal use with total value of no more than USD 500 and weight of no more than 50 kg; goods shipped via international postal services with weight of no more than 20 kg and value of no more than USD 100. Limit for import of alcoholic beverages is 2 liters, and for cigarettes is 50 packs.


Armenia is one of the safest countries of CIS with a low crime rate. Tourists are safe to travel all over the country and walk in the streets of Yerevan at any time of the day and night.

Telephone connection

Sim cards for mobile phones can be easily purchased from the stores of "Beeline Armenia”, "VivaCell-MTS”, "UCOM”. Mobile connection covers nearly the entire country. One can also use calling cards that can be found in kiosks.

To call a landline phone in Armenia dial: 00+374+city code+phone number.

To call a mobile phone in Armenia dial: 00+374+code of mobile operator+phone number.

Important phone numbers

Fire department - 101

Police department - 102

Ambulance - 103

Information Service of Yerevan City Telephone Network - 109

Exact time - 110

Yerevan railway station - 184

Weather forecast - 186

"Zvartnots” International Airport - 187

Bus station "Central” - 565370

Bus station "Northern” - 621670

Address Bureau - 539670

Currency and Banking

National currency of Armenia is Armenian dram (AMD). Paper notes are issued in denominations of 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000. Coins are issued in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. Credit cards are accepted in the majority of shops and hotels of Yerevan. Foreign bank notes can be easily exchanged at numerous exchange bureaus and banks in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia. As a rule, banks work from 10.00 to 17.30. In large stores, such as SAS, Yerevan City, there are 24-hour exchange offices. The rate in different banks varies slightly. Tipping in restaurants and cafes makes up to 10 percent of the total bill.


The embassies and representations of most countries of the world are represented in Yerevan. For more details, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia:


Armenian is the state language of Armenia. Most of the population also speaks Russian. Younger generation speaks English as well.


Armenia standard time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4). Yerevan time has a difference with Moscow in one hour.

Postal services

Post offices offer a variety of services such as sending and receiving letters and packages, telephone calling within Armenia and abroad, money exchange, international and public pay phone calling cards. There are numerous post offices throughout Yerevan. Working hours are: 09:00-19:00.


Standard voltage in Armenia is 220V. Electric outlets use European plugs with 2 round pins.


Internet cafes are abundantly represented in Yerevan. Almost every street has several small Internet cafes. Some accepted payment for the amount of information received. However, in most cases, one-hour Internet access costs 200 - 300 drams, USD 0.6 - 0.9.


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Success Story

''Armenia Travel'' Company is currently one of the leading travel companies in Armenia. Due to the balanced, responsible and consistent policy, as well as the high professionalism of the staff, the company has been in the market for more than 20 years in the field of airline tickets sales, tourism and cargo transportation.


I enjoyed my time spending in EPIC 2017 and I'd like to thank all of the organizers and our volunteers for making that atmosphere. I passed the project management course and all the information I got for me was new. I think it was useful for me and I'm trying to practice my new knowledge in my life. Also I like my lecturer, she was amazing, communicative and ready to explain over and over.

The most exciting event was EPIC Rock Fest. I've never visited such kind of events, and I was surprised of its scale. My friends from Yerevan joined me and we had the best two days of our lives. I like the Georgian band - The Black Marrows, I would like to see them in the next Rock Fest. Also I met a lot of interesting people from all over Armenia. It was the most ambitious people. However we're trying to keep in touch with each other. I recommend to have warm clothes because in the evening was too cold, but in the afternoon was very pleasant weather especially after hot Yerevan.

We wear EPIC special T-shirts at every event, but it would be better if participants could choose their dress code. Everything was given to participants ( pens, pencils, stickers, notebook), so I thinks there's no need to bring tools with you. I think I would like to take part again, because we could learn and have rest at the same place, we have an opportunity to have new friends. Yes, I would like to be an Ambassador , and I would like to help share this idea with another people. Yes, I will recommend EPIC to my friends if they search new experience in their lives. Wish you all the best, success in the process of making EPIC 2018.

Best regards, Anahit Verdyan


Actually EPIC is my 2017 summer’s achievement. I am happy to say that I was one of the 8 team leaders of EPIC. That 2 weeks spent in the camp taught me a lot of valuable things. I met around 100 people, who had different cultural backgrounds. It was fantastic to have debate with the participants, share our experience and ideas. I got many friends during the summer school and we continue our friendship outside it. So, EPIC was a great place for networking. Everything was really great that now I cannot mention a single exciting part of the program. Courses gave us a lot of new knowledge. Entertainment was the big part of our daily routine, as we played a lot of intellectual or sport games. We had a campfire, our participants played guitar and sang songs. The most memorable event was EPIC Rock Fest, during which different rock bands presented their best songs.It is better for participants to have warm clothes, sport or comfortable clothes, as during events they will need them. I think the dress code was cool.

However, there is only one thing I would like to be changed. EPIC should provide its participants with high technologies, which can promote the quality of the education.

EPIC gave me a lot of memorable moments, new experience and opportunity for networking. So, I would suggest to take part in it, and if I had chance to appear in EPIC again, I will take the chance without any doubt.

Best regards, Diana Zakaryan


I enjoyed my time last year. Thank you for your work and that you give us a chance to take part in this project. The most surprising thing for me was to finally discover that there are people in Armenia who want to make our youth unforgettable and full of new experiences. I have not heard about any summer schools that provide such opportunities that EPIC 2017 gave me. I took digital marketing classes in EPIC which was a new field for me. I cannot say about other classes’ instructors but the instructors for this course were perfect. I learned lots of new information and details about digital marketing and the course became a motivation for me to continue my studies in that field and finally decide on my education track. Each part had its uniqueness and each was equally exciting form me. The diversity of events was what kept my interest during the whole stay. As the weather in Tsakhkadzor is misleading I would recommend do have both warm cloths and also shorts and T-shirts since in the mornings it’s pretty hot there but in the evenings it may be rainy or even very cold. There is no concrete dress code. Everyone is free to wear what they want. However EPIC team provides special T-shirts with EPIC logo and with one of the four EPIC signs which define the group of the participant. Overall, speaking about the dressing it will be fine to have different kinds of clothes since there are different kinds of events during EPIC. Everyone should definitely have a notebook since the class materials require some research and training which can be done only through computer. I would also recommend to have a power bank since there is always no time for charging the phones and you are always on the run even at nights. You should also bring lots of snacks to have picnics and late night mini parties in your/somebody’s room. It was the most amazing and exciting summer I have ever had. Next year I would like to participate as a volunteer and have my own input EPIC2018 and in making other’s summer unforgettable. Frankly speaking, most of my friends, if not all of them already know about EPIC since I have told all the details and the amazing experience that I had in summer 2017. There are also lots of photos in my Facebook so anyone who will look at them will most probably feel jealous for not being there with me enjoying EPIC days.

As it was the first year of EPIC there were many drawbacks which h I believe will not be improved next year. At first I was getting irritated, however, later on I understood that it is the first time and everybody is putting lots of effort, so it is acceptable to have some discomforts. Despite all the minor disadvantages EPIC as a whole was a great advantage for all of us. As a participant who already has an experience I would like to make some suggestion with the hope that they would become a reality in EPIC2018. One of the most memorable things was the late night party. Surely, everyone liked it and everyone enjoyed the day to its fullest. It was a great means of releasing bad thoughts and tiredness and getting some positive vibes. However the sad part is that the party took place only once and I think it is very sad. At our age young people want to have more fun at late evenings and having parties instead of sitting in the hotel hall and doing nothing is obviously better. Thus I would suggest organizing more parties. Also, the last day of EPIC2018 was not memorable at all. Unfortunately, I do not remember what happened the last night as nothing exciting was organizes. I believe a farewell party or a great closing ceremony should be organized to make everyone more emotional and attached to their new friends, since the last day of every event I is one of the most important moments. I will be ready to devote my time and energy to volunteer and help the staff with the organizing process, since I want to make EPIC 2018 even better. One thing that I liked a lot was the sport activities. They were truly amazing and the games we played were new to me and most of the participants. However, during the day we had lots of spare time and we did not know what to do, so it was tiresome and boring sometimes. Thus I suggest having a clear plan of activities for each day and increase the number of sport games and other activities.

I appreciate the efforts that media team put in EPIC2017. Every moment was captured by cameras and it is very good since now we have lots of professional photos and videos which make us to live the past moments once more. What refers to the Sport Complex Hotel it was a quite good place to stay. The only thing I would suggest to change is so called “dead-time” starting at 11pm when everybody had to go their rooms and make no noise. I believe that at this age we all want to stay late at night and sometimes even not to sleep at all. So, it would be better not to be so strict and talk to the hotel’s administration as well to have the permission to enjoy our days by having night evenings with guitar music and some table games.

Overall, despite some minor disadvantages, everything about EPIC2017 was great and I really enjoyed being a part of it. I do hope that EPIC2018 will be much better and I will be ready to volunteer and assist the organizers in preparation process.

Best regards, Iren Khachikyan


As an EPIC summer school volunteer I can mention that everything was great. The excursions, games and little events or gatherings made us know each other better and just get new friends. This was my first time that I spent so much time on one particular event, so I dare to say that I learnt how to arrange big events properly and of course how to communicate with foreigners.

For the arrangers and volunteers EPIC Rock Fest was something great, as we all spend a lot of time arranging it, and after it end we all felt pretty sad. All the events during the school time were great but the most memorable was pf course the Rock Fest. It just gave all of us a lot of fun.

The weather in Tsaghkadzor is changeable as everywhere in Armenia. I myself would recommend to take jackets for evenings and casual clothes for the daytime, some dresses for the night parties and swimsuits for the pool.

On the first day all the participants get T-shirts of the team they have got. It was more than a present, and the students liked them a lot but worn them during the school time.

The classes will be much easier if the students have laptops or iPads.

As I gained a lot of friends during epic i should say that not only me but also many of them would like to take part again. It was fun for us and the weeks spend there gave us much experience and many adventures.

I have already recommended and now all us are waiting for the EPIC summer school 2018.

Best regards, Rima Julhakyan


The most important thing for me was new people I met there, and that 2 weeks which we spent together and enjoyed our time without thinking about the problems that we had. I learnt what means to live without parents and became an individual. Living 14 days and doing everything by myself- things I hadn’t done before. The most exciting part for me was the game played on the pitch. (Droshneri xaxy) We created our teams and played with a great joy.

I would recommend future participants to take warm clothes with them in any case, despite the weather was very sunny in Tsakhkadzor. Sometimes it was rainy, but it happened once or twice, so umbrella will also help them. Every team had its own shirts, on which the name of the team was written, and we had to wear it while being together but in general the dress code was free. We were told that we must take some notebook or IPad with us, because we will need them during classes. I would like to take part again but not to be an ambassador.

I have already recommended my friends to take part in EPIC next summer. And be ready, they are coming ))

Maybe if the rules were stronger during the classes and games, it would be better.

Best regards, Artyom Harutyunyan

0015,Grigor Lusavorich Str. , Yerevan, Armenia
(+37411) 54 55 56
(+37444) 54 55 56
(+37444) 55 56 57

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EPIC 2017 was a big project, which was the result of long months of collaboration between the EPIC team and volunteers. On one platform we were able to gather and unite a large number of young students from the best universities of different countries. Different not only by nationality, but also individually - representatives of various cultures and ideological views were united to aspire to learn, play, be inspired, create and invent.

The ideological basis of the project, i.e. to learn, play, be inspired and create, were aimed to unite different, but at the same time similar people, who were eager to learn and develop with the desire to live here and now.

The story began from the very beginning of 2017. The completion of the long-month project branding procedure let the project to launch the fascinating process of recruiting students.

The project signed memorandums of understanding with state institutions of the Republic of Armenia and the best Armenian universities, as well as started the collaboration with international organizations, funds and various student associations. As a result, more than 100 young students were able to participate and be a part of the EPIC project in 2017.

Various professional training courses on the topics of the most diverse spheres, conducted by the best specialists, have become an integral part of the daily life of students, helping them to manage new professional approaches, accept and overcome new challenges and receive valuable knowledge on related fields that they have ever been interested in. In addition, most of the speakers shared their success stories, adding new colors to students' lives and becoming a source of inspiration for them.

The educational component of the project, which is primary for students, was also accompanied by a variety of recreational activities designed to ensure that the students' days on campus are diversified.

The EPIC student campus provided an opportunity to organize a variety of sports events, starting with a morning run through a forest alley rich in rare types of pine trees, ending with the largest sporting events.

Sometimes cultural and educational events, completing the busy days of students, provided relax and various entertainments, becoming a special tool for preparing for the next day.

Networking and communication between participants, which have become one of the most valuable resources of the project, would continue in the future and form a solid basis for creating strong international and intercultural ties and connections.

Finally, we are preparing for the grand EPIC 2019! If you have not decided yet where to spend the summer this year, do not miss your opportunity to join the EPIC today!


I am thinking of applying

Application deadline is July 15, 2019. Please note: if some courses reach the maximum number of participants, the courses might be closed  prior to the deadline. Please also note that accommodation space is limited and may be filled up before the deadline That's why if you want to participate in the EPIC Summer School, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

Students and youth over 16 years of age who speak English.

EPIC is committed to using the equal opportunity system and will make every reasonable effort to enable students with disability to participate in the project. Applicants can specify the nature of their disability when filling out an online application. Although we recommend that students contact our office to discuss their needs before applying.

There is no minimum age limit for the EPIC Summer School participants, although the recommended age is 16+.

Information about other EPIC projects will be available later.

I'd like to apply, what are the entry requirements and what documents do I need to submit?

Yes, if you wish to attend more than one course or combine master classes with lectures,  you can do it at the expense of your time. However, one must take into account that lectures mostly take place at the same time.

The working language of the Summer School is English. For comfortable communication it is desirable to know English at a good level. A certificate is not required.

If you have undertaken any university courses (excluding language courses) that were fully taught and assessed in English, and can clearly demonstrate this, you will not need to provide a proficiency certificate. Students from countries where English is used extensively in education may apply as a native speaker. This includes students from India, Pakistan, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you are from one of these countries, or elsewhere where English is used extensively in education, you do not need to fill in the language section.

Copy of passport or identity car․

There is a non-refundable fee of EUR 70 payable when you submit the application form. This can be paid with a debit/credit card or via bank transfer. If you are having problems or do not have a card, we would advise you to ask a family member or friend to pay on your behalf.

Applications that arrive complete and with the correct supporting evidence, will usually be processed within 7 working days.

We will notify you via email as soon as a decision has been made.

If you want to change your course before you arrive at EPIC, this may be possible. Please contact the EPIC Summer School Office. You do not need to submit a new online application. Your application may need to be re-assessed and receive confirmation from EPIC regarding the course change․

I've submitted my application, what for now?

Course changes can be approved only within the first two days of each session. You will need to fill out a form at the Summer School Office.

We strongly advise against working while studying at the Summer School. Due to the intensive nature of the courses students will need to be on campus for the most of the day and will have a significant amount of daily reading to be completed and a lot of fun activities.

Yes, this is our recommended method of payment. Please note that  all  major credit/ debit cards are accepted.

Yes, it's possible. You will be provided with bank details for payment. You will need to give it to your bank and instruct your bank to make the payment, no later than 72 hours from the receipt of the invoice. The invoice is valid for 72 hours. Additionally, we recommend that students pay for the training with a credit / debit card, since this is the quickest and the safest payment method.

Students who have urgent questions, or who need technical support in organizing the payment of tuition fees, can reach the EPIC Summer School office by phone at (+37411) 54 55 56 or by e-mail at


As a rule , credit/debit card payments take 1-3 working days and bank transfers take up to 5 working days to be procced.  Please note that these terms may vary depending on the country from which the money is transferred.

You need to contact the issuer of your credit card in order to solve the problem (the issuer is a credit institution, a participant in the payment system, issues and maintains bank cards, and acts as guarantor of fulfillment of financial obligations arising from the use of these cards by the holders). Usually, payments are rejected due to security measures taken to protect against fraud - international payments are more likely to be rejected on this basis. It may be necessary to instruct the issuer of your card on carrying out a specific operation abroad. Here are some instructions to follow:

- Check if your card is authorized for international payments,

- Check if there is sufficient credit limit on your card

- Check whether your daily limit on your debit / credit card covers the amount that you pay online.

When making a large payment, always inform the issuer of your card who pays, the amount of the payment and when the payment should be done. This reduces the risk of declining the payment for security reasons.

Unfortunately, EPIC does not provide financial assistance to the EPIC summer school participants. However, the participants can contact relevant organizations, higher education institutions, various funds for financial support to participate in the EPIC summer school.

To check whether or not you need a visa for EPIC Summer School study, please visit the  visa section on our If a student does require a visa, then  he/she should ensure   to apply to the EPIC Summer School as soon as possible, as the visa process can often be  lengthy.


I've been accepted! What shall I do now?

If your visa is refused, we will refund you the following amounts: at least 30 calendar days before Commencement Date -90% of Tuition Fee will be refunded; 14-29 calendar days before Commencement Date- 50% of Tuition Fee will be refunded; less than 14 calendar days before Commencement Date-no refund.

We provide accommodation for all participants of the EPIC Summer School, who paid for their participation and received confirmation from the EPIC. You can visit the relevant section on our website to see the physical place where the participants of the Summer School are accommodated.

EPIC Summer School students will have access to the brand new gym facilities on campus free of charge. More details on this can be found in  the information pack for EPIC Summer School participants.

Participation fee includes 3 meals a day. However, for your information, a large number of cafes and restaurants are available in the resort area.