summer school in Armenia

Why Epic

Why to Participate in EPIC project?
The answer is obvious: it is impossible not to.
EPIC is an unprecedented project, which simply can not be missed. Each of us has dreamt about such a project which will fill our life with various awesome events and will be a new source of inspiration for us.

We will create a new world at EPIC, full of immense knowledge, favourite hobbies, new friends and various events.
EPIC is that lovely place where you want to go back again and again, as it gives you a chance to fulfill your dreams, acquire knowledge in desired fields and gain friends from different angles of the world.

Why is EPIC unique?

EPIC project is in line with international standards and meanwhile EPIC stands out among all similar projects as it is unique in its nature not only in Armenia, but also in our region. EPIC offers a new model and new approaches of education.

The uniqueness of EPIC lays in the fact that it gives much importance to student’s personal interests and preferences and gives them a chance to choose the courses by themselves. In the application form all potential participants have the opportunity to suggest the fields they are most interested in. Also, they can suggest the instructors, master classes, sports and cultural activities they would prefer to have during the summer school.

In addition to educational and professional programs, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in pre-organized sports competitions, entertainment activities, various cultural events and excursions which will teach the participants about Armenia.

Together we will create a unique EPIC environment that brings together thousands of students from around the world. This will create a platform where students can interact, exchange cultural values and share their mindset and life experience with others. Moreover, you can share your achievements so as to create a bridge between you and foreign students.

What will you achieve from EPIC?

EPIC will make your summer unforgettable and will give new colours to your life through new emotions, new acquaintances, new friends, possibilities to discover new things, unforgettable leisure, interesting events, freedom and not solely. Being a part of EPIC you will get high quality education by leading specialists, will have a chance to participate in various cultural and sports events, meet worldwide speakers and discover a country called Armenia which has a rich historical and cultural heritage.