summer school in Armenia

About Summer School

Summer school is a platform where students and schoolchildren get a chance to take educational courses by concise teaching plans and methods. In some cases such educational courses are accompanied by leisure activities. Various summer school programs are being organized all over the world both on academic and non academic subjects.  
Summer schools were founded and developed in previous century. They have already become an inseparable part of European and American educational and cultural system. Most of the summer school programs are being held during summer holidays, but there are also winter and spring schools held in a similar way.

What is EPIC

EPIC is an international summer school having a unique format. EPIC is a combination of different types of school/camp projects at one place. The main uniqueness of EPIC lays in the fact that it gives much importance to the interests of students and gives them a chance to form the list of the courses themselves. At the same time the students are given an opportunity to communicate with more than 300 students from different countries, as well as specialists in different fields thus contributing to their personal and professional growth.

EPIC- is an abbreviation which includes four very important words for our project.

EPIC - Educate, Play, Inspire, Create

Why educate, play, inspire and create?

We will get educated at EPIC by deepening our knowledge in our fields of interests and exploring new fields with the help of leading specialists.

We will play various interesting games that will train both our body and mind.

We will be active and creative at EPIC, will get inspired by successful people and inspire each other.

We will get profound knowledge, emotions and plenty of energy at EPIC which will help us to set our creativity free.

Our Mission

The mission of EPIC is to introduce Armenia not only from cultural-historical perspective, but also show that the country has a potential to become a great educational center, uniting students from all over the world in one place and creating platform for their interaction, cultural exchange and share of interests, and most importantly, to educate students by different teaching methods and develop their knowledge both in and outside of their professional expertise. 

Our Goal

Taking into consideration the importance of education in the world and modern teaching standards, the realization of EPIC Summer School Project has the following goals: 

  • make education and various teaching methods more accessible to students,

  • promote professional growth of students,

  • create student platform for their consolidation and experience exchange,

  • give a unique chance to students to meet well-known people, 

  • to enable talented young people to present their ideas and develop them into projects,

  • create an opportunity for young people to combine education with leisure.

Why Epic

Why to Participate in EPIC project?
The answer is obvious: it is impossible not to.
EPIC is an unprecedented project, which simply can not be missed. Each of us has dreamt about such a project which will fill our life with various awesome events and will be a new source of inspiration for us.

We will create a new world at EPIC, full of immense knowledge, favourite hobbies, new friends and various events.
EPIC is that lovely place where you want to go back again and again, as it gives you a chance to fulfill your dreams, acquire knowledge in desired fields and gain friends from different angles of the world.

Why is EPIC unique?

EPIC project is in line with international standards and meanwhile EPIC stands out among all similar projects as it is unique in its nature not only in Armenia, but also in our region. EPIC offers a new model and new approaches of education.

The uniqueness of EPIC lays in the fact that it gives much importance to student’s personal interests and preferences and gives them a chance to choose the courses by themselves. In the application form all potential participants have the opportunity to suggest the fields they are most interested in. Also, they can suggest the instructors, master classes, sports and cultural activities they would prefer to have during the summer school.

In addition to educational and professional programs, the participants will have the opportunity to participate in pre-organized sports competitions, entertainment activities, various cultural events and excursions which will teach the participants about Armenia.

Together we will create a unique EPIC environment that brings together thousands of students from around the world. This will create a platform where students can interact, exchange cultural values and share their mindset and life experience with others. Moreover, you can share your achievements so as to create a bridge between you and foreign students.

What will you achieve from EPIC?

EPIC will make your summer unforgettable and will give new colours to your life through new emotions, new acquaintances, new friends, possibilities to discover new things, unforgettable leisure, interesting events, freedom and not solely. Being a part of EPIC you will get high quality education by leading specialists, will have a chance to participate in various cultural and sports events, meet worldwide speakers and discover a country called Armenia which has a rich historical and cultural heritage. 

Success Story

"Armenia Travel" is presently one of the largest corporate tourist companies in Armenia. Owing to its balanced, responsible, and consistent policy, modern principles of governance, and high professionalism of staff, the Company is the leader in today's saturated market for diverse tourist services. It meets the highest expectations and achieves unparalleled success in air ticketing sales and the number of tourists travelling to and from Armenia.

Our achievements

1996: “Armenia Travel” LLC (“Company") was founded.

1998: Company received its first award from the Government of Armenia for high-quality service.

1999: Company received numerous awards and prizes from the largest international air carriers as a best air ticketing sales agent every year since 1999.

2000: Company became an accredited member of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

2001: Hosted football Fan Club from Wels. Accepting Irish consultant in tourism industry Mikel McNally.

2002: 6th International “Wushu” Tournament organization

2003: Hosting a conference of “Glaxo Smith Kline”

2004: Company opened a representation office (“Travel Plus”) in the building of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Organizing conference for “Novartis”. First charter flight arrangement from Austria. Accepting an international conference for “Neurosurgery” 

2005: Hosted football Fan Club from Netherlands

2006: Company further diversified its services, and the international freight forwarding department was created. Charter flight from Italy. 

2007: Company became the Lufthansa City Center in Armenia, obtained the right to carry the name “Armenia Travel Lufthansa City Center”. Charter flight from Italy. Organizing a conference for “Amadeus” in Moscow.

2008: Accepting charter flight from Austria. Hosting Fan Clubs from Spain and Cyprus. Accepting an international conference for “Neurosurgery”

2009: Organizing and international conference TPSH. International Tournament of Karate. Hosting a bike trip “Grandi Reid” from Italy.

2010: Company became the exclusive representative and main sales agent in Armenia for the German “Hahn Air” Company. Organizing a Russian Film festival.

2011: Arranging Regional Conference of KNAUF.

2012: Organizing Jewelry exhibition in Yerevan.

2013: Arranging Regional Conference of KNAUF. Hosting charter flights program HAPAG LLOYD

2014: Launch of the first charter flight to Barcelona. Accepting a conference of SANOFI. Organizing Jewelry exhibition in Yerevan.

2015: “EURONEST” Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan. Organizing Jewelry exhibition in Yerevan.

2016: Organizing Jewelry exhibition in Yerevan. Hosting International Jewelry congress “CIBJO” in Yerevan.


I am thinking of applying

The application deadline will be announced in due course. Please note that some courses will reach their maximum capacity and close prior to this deadline. Please also note that accommodation spaces are limited and may fill up before this date so you are advised to apply as soon as possible if you wish to participate in EPIC summer school.

The majority of participants are currently studying at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, alongside a number of professionals from a range of business sectors.

EPIC is committed to operating a system of equal opportunity, and will endeavor to make all reasonable adjustments to enable students to undertake the program. Applicants are able to indicate the nature of their disability when completing the online application form, though we encourage students to contact our office to discuss their needs prior to submitting their application.

There is no minimum age requirement for the Summer School. However, in order to apply students must at least have an offer of a place at university.

The info about next EPIC projects will be available later.

I'd like to apply, what are the entry requirements and what documents do I need to submit?

Yes, if you wish to attend more than one course or master class you are free to do so.

Yes, but any offer will be conditional on providing evidence of meeting the prerequisites before the start of the program. Students will be asked to state the date on which they expect to receive grades.

Yes, it is quite common for students to take a prerequisite course in one session in order to progress to a higher level course in the next session.

Working language during the summer school is English. There is no need for certificate.

If you have undertaken any university courses (excluding language courses) that were fully taught and assessed in English, and can clearly demonstrate this, you will not need to provide a proficiency certificate. Students from countries where English is used extensively in education may apply as a native speaker. This includes students from India, Pakistan, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you are from one of these areas, or anywhere else where English is used extensively in education, you do not need to fill in the language section.

You will be asked to provide a brief translation. This does not need to be professionally translated. You will be able to submit both the original and translated document to us with your application form.

Applicants will need to submit their university transcript and passport or ID copy. Please note that you will need to provide a copy of your university transcript if you have undertaken any university study. It is important that the transcript includes your full name. If this document is not in English, please provide a brief translation.

There is a non-refundable fee of EUR 70 payable when you submit the application form. This can be paid with a debit/credit card. If you are having problems or do not have a card, we would advise you to ask a family member or friend to pay on your behalf.

I've submitted my application, what for now?

Applications that arrive complete and with the correct supporting evidence, will usually be processed within 7 working days.

We will notify you via email as soon as a decision has been made. Please note, that in the interest of the environment, all of our communication is via email. Students will also be able to use their application tracker to keep updated on the status of their application.

If you want to change your course before you arrive at EPIC, this may be possible. Please contact the Summer School Office. You do not need to submit a new online application. Your application may need to be re-assessed to confirm that you meet the entry requirements for the new course. However please note that by applying for a new course you will forfeit your place on your original course. Should your new course choice be rejected and there is no longer room on your original choice, you will not be able to go back onto it.

Course changes can be approved only within the first two days of each session. You will need to fill out a form at the Summer School Office.

We strongly advise against working while studying at the Summer School. Due to the intensive nature of the courses students will need to be on campus for the most of the day and will have a significant amount of daily reading to be completed and a lot of fun activities.

Yes, this is our recommended method of payment. Please note that we do not accept American Express, but all other major credit/ debit cards are accepted.

All payment is to be made online through EPIC web site. We recommend that students pay using a credit/ debit card, as this method is quicker and more secure. However, if you wish to pay via a Bank Transfer, the invoice will be provided to you with the bank account details for paying. You will need to print this document and take it to your bank and instruct them to make the payment as soon as possible. Please note the rate provided will only be valid for 72 hours. Further information regarding payment will be provided after an application has been assessed and an offer made. Students requiring help to organize the payment of tuition fees should contact the Summer School Office by telephone on (+37411) 54 55 56 or email at info@epicstudy.org.

As a guide, credit/debit card payments take 2-3 working days and bank transfers take 5-10 working days. Please note that these times can differ, depending on the country the money is being transferred from, and the currency in which the transaction was made.

I've been accepted! What shall I do now?

The EPIC Finance Department will contact students directly where there is a problem with a credit card payment. Students will then need to contact their credit card issuer to resolve the problem. Usually payments are rejected because of security measures put in place to protect from fraud - international payments are more likely to be rejected on these grounds. It may be necessary to arrange with your card issuer to make a specific payment overseas. The following checklist may be of some help: Check that your card is authorized to make international payments Check you have sufficient funds / credit limit available Check your bank's daily limit for your debit / credit card covers the amount you are paying online . When making a large payment, always notify your card issuer in advance how much you will be paying, who will be paying and when the payment will be made; this reduces the risk of the payment being rejected for card security reasons.

Unfortunately EPIC is not able to offer any financial assistance to Summer School students as this is reserved for regular year students.

To check whether or not you need a visa for Summer School study, please visit the section visa and more on our website. If a student does require a visa then they should ensure that they apply to the Summer School as soon as possible, as the visa process can often be very lengthy.

If your visa is refused we will refund you the following amounts: At least 30 calendar days before Commencement Date 90% of Tuition Fee will be refunded 14-29 calendar days before Commencement Date 50% of Tuition Fee will be refunded Less than 14 calendar days before Commencement Date no refund.

We provide the accommodation for all the participants of Summer School. You can visit the section resort area in our website to see the place.

While I am at EPIC campus

There are Windows PCs available and there is access to printing facilities in the public computer rooms.

Summer School students will have access to the brand new gym facilities on campus free of charge. More details on this can be found in your arrival information pack.

The price of participation includes meals 3 times per day, but resort area offers a fantastic choice of food and drink at its restaurants, cafes and bars, and provides a great place to socialize with friends and colleagues, if someone wants to take some extras. More details on this can be found in your arrival information pack.